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Athletic Performance

Elevate Your Game

Uniting Neuro-Performance Training with Movement Mastery for Peak Athletic Performance and Minimizing Injury Risk

Athletic Program Descriptions


Increase Sports IQ, Improved reaction time, Enhanced Focus, and Better Decision Making

Image of athletes engaged in exercises focused on movement and neurological performance, with some using equipment and others

Movement Performance

Increase Speed/Agility/Strength/Power, Better Coordination, Decreased Injury Risk

 Image of a human brain highlighted with various colors to indicate different functional areas, used for baseline testing in

Concussion Baseline Testing

Protect Your Brain, Baseline for Safety, Accurate Diagnosis, Informed Return-to-Play

NeuroPerformance Program Services 

        Sensory Systems Performance

Comprehensive sensory performance report detailing neurological and athletic benchmarks compared to professional athletes. The report includes charts and graphs showing sensory scores, reaction times, and visual processing speeds, highlighting individual performance metrics against elite standards.

Improved Coordination, Faster Reaction Times, and Sharper Decision-Making: Elevate Your Sensory-Motor Skills. Explore how we map the vital connections between your senses, brain, and muscles to enhance athletic performance. Our advanced assessments measure crucial skills from Visual Clarity and Hand-Eye Coordination to Reaction Time and Dynamic Visual Focus. Master these elements to improve your ability to receive, interpret, and react to information rapidly and accurately, giving you the competitive edge needed to excel in sports. Compare your results with the pros, track your progress, and train at home.

Nervous System Performance


Boost Sports IQ with Optimal Brain Performance: Gain the competitive edge by understanding the power of the brain in sports. Our cutting-edge screenings analyze how your brain processes information, coordinates movement, and manages stress, providing a blueprint for enhancing cognitive and physical abilities. Ideal for athletes at any level, our assessments help tailor training to maximize performance, speed up decision-making, and improve reaction times. Discover how optimizing brain function can transform your athletic potential into real-world success!

EyeQ Trainer™

Bring Therapy Full Circle.jpg

Unlock better vision with EyeQ Trainer. Based on your RightEye EyeQ test, we prescribe home exercises supervised remotely. This non-invasive, computer-based therapy targets all six eye movement systems, fostering neuroplasticity for lasting improvement. Enjoy simple, low-intensity exercises conveniently on your own schedule, using your computer. Just 5 minutes, twice daily, trains all 12 eye muscles. Experience noticeable results within weeks, enhancing focus, coordination, and performance in daily tasks and sports. Personalized to your needs for targeted progress."



Enhance athletic performance with the Sensa App Accessible via tablet or iPad, this subscription-based app offers remote entry to tailored Sensory Station programs. Powered by the Senaptec Hub, our secure cloud technology ensures seamless data management and real-time progress tracking. With the Senaptec algorithm, athletes receive personalized challenges, evolving with their improvement. Just 10-15 minutes a day refines sensory skills, as the app dynamically adjusts difficulty levels. Maximize potential with Sensa – where progress meets precision.

FDA-Cleared Sports Vision Performance 

Official FDA report on sports vision testing, open on a desk with graphs and statistics visible. The report evaluates tools and techniques used to measure an athlete's vision, emphasizing its importance in enhancing athletic performance through improved visual accuracy and reaction times.

FDA ClearedCutting-Edge Sports Vision Testing/Training: Vision in sports transcends clarity—it’s about precision and swift reactions. Our RightEye Sports Vision Module™ enhances how you perceive and interact with your surroundings by assessing key visual skills like the amplitude and velocity of eye movements. Tailored for athletes at all levels, our programs refine your ability to track and respond to dynamic situations, boosting your competitive edge. Elevate your game with specialized vision training! Select the link below to learn more! Sports Vision EyeQ                       Reading EyeQ

In-Person Performance Training

60ee34745407df0ba79b872b_Grid Jarvis 1-p-500.jpeg.webp

Elevate your training with tailored coaching from Dr. Burkhardt. Receive expert guidance from a triple-certified national strength coach and a board-certified doctor in sports chiropractic, physiotherapy, and functional neurology. Maximize the impact of your regimen with personalized support from a seasoned professional."

Movement Performance Program Services 

Functional Movement Screen


Optimize Movement Efficiency, Minimize Injury Risk: Strategic Movement Function Screening. Discover the key to unlocking peak athletic potential and reducing injury risks. Our targeted movement function screenings help athletes understand their physical capabilities and limitations, providing a solid foundation for safe and effective training. By evaluating how you move, we can pinpoint inefficiencies and imbalances that may lead to injuries and hinder performance. Enhance your athletic journey with personalized strategies designed to improve movement efficiency and ensure you're performing at your best, safely and sustainably.

Balance Performance

A picture illustrating good balance and vestibular function. In the image, an individual stands upright with a steady posture, demonstrating a strong and stable base of support. The person's body is aligned, and there is no visible sway or unsteadiness. This image depicts a person with excellent balance and well-functioning vestibular (inner ear) system.

Stay Steady, Move Quick Balancing involves a complex interplay between your equilibrium, vision, and proprioception—the sensory receptors in your joints and muscles. Testing how these components work together to maintain balance is crucial for athletes. By effectively assessing each element’s contribution to overall balance, we can identify areas for improvement, enhancing an athlete's speed, agility, and coordination.

In-Person Performance Training

60ee34813f8cdbc885e07072_Grid Jarvis 2-p-500.webp

Elevate your training with tailored coaching from Dr. Burkhardt. Receive expert guidance from a triple-certified national strength coach and a board-certified doctor in sports chiropractic, physiotherapy, and functional neurology. Maximize the impact of your regimen with personalized support from a seasoned professional."

Corrective Exercises


Unlock your potential with personalized corrective exercises. Tailored exercises are prescribed after a functional movement screen to address specific movement imbalances. These exercises aim to optimize performance and prevent injuries, ensuring you can excel in your sport with confidence.

App-Guided Physical Training

BridgeAthletic_Exercise History.gif

Bridge App offers a wide range of training programs: Comprehensive Selection: Over 50 programs spanning Prehab, Rehab, Mobility, Fitness, and Sports Performance. These are tailored for all skill levels, ensuring everyone can benefit. Complete programs at your own pace, whether at home or in the gym. Address injuries, boost resilience and mobility, and enhance strength, endurance, and sports performance according to your needs.

Nutrition Performance

Colorful image of a balanced meal containing foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins, ideal for brain health and athletic performance. The plate includes salmon, mixed berries, walnuts, and leafy greens, all known for their cognitive and physical benefits for athletes.

Fuel Performance: Unlock the Power of Nutrition in Athletics. Elevate your game and reduce injury risks with our expertly tailored nutrition strategies. We understand that what you eat directly impacts your performance, recovery, and resilience. Our specialized nutrition plans are designed to optimize energy levels, enhance physical health, and fortify your body against injuries. Whether you're training for peak performance or recovering from the demands of sport, our approach ensures you're nourished for success. Let us help you harness the transformative power of nutrition to achieve your athletic goals.

Concussion Baseline Testing 

 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM):

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by an external force that disrupts brain function (it doesn't have to be a hit to the head). Diagnostic signs include any loss of consciousness, memory loss around the time of injury, altered mental state, or neurological deficits, TRANSIENT OR NOT.


With over 3.8 million sports-related concussions annually, addressing this issue is critical. Our baseline testing identifies normal functioning and uncovers crucial deficits, highlighting risks for brain injury. Early recognition and baseline measurement are essential for effective management, recovery, and ensuring long-term brain health.

Elite Athletic Performance Program Packages

Athletic Performance Packages


Specialized Performance Focus

  • Focused Enhancement: Choose the NeuroPerformance or Movement Performance Program based on your needs and goals. Each program is designed to target crucial aspects of performance, either enhancing your cognitive edge or elevating physical capabilities.


Comprehensive Performance Enhancement

  • Dual Dynamic Improvement: Perfectly balanced, this package merges NeuroPerformance with Movement Performance to foster significant advancements in your physical prowess and cognitive abilities. 


Ultimate Athlete Development Program

  • Comprehensive Athletic Transformation: Our most elite package combines every aspect of athletic enhancement—NeuroPerformance, Movement Performance, Concussion Baseline Testing, and a tailored Sports Nutrition Consultation. It's designed for athletes committed to achieving peak performance and ensuring their competitive edge and safeguarding their brain health

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